In my career, I have appreciated resources that have been provided for me.  Some of those resources were products of purchased courses or certifications.  Others were gifted by leaders who just wanted to further my development and granted for my use with clients.  I’m a firm believer in paying it forward, especially in areas that I’m passionate about.

On that note, feel free to download any of these resources to focus on team dynamics, communication, DISC, employee engagement, and leadership.  

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DISC Student Styles

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Understanding student behaviors in the classroom, as well as what motivates them, is valuable to the teaching team and parents.  This two-page document addresses what each DISC style looks like in the student, what they want, and what can get in the way of understanding.

DISC Snapshot

DISC Snapshot

Have you ever wished you had a secret guide to why people do what they do?  Well, this DISC Snapshot is a good place to start.  It contains characteristics of the four DISC styles and includes communication dos and don’ts.  The DISC Snapshot is a good cheat sheet to human behavior and communication.  People may be just one style, or they may be a blend of two or three styles.  When referencing DISC characteristics, be sure to look at all styles that may apply.

DISC Management Keys

DISC Management Keys

As a leader, knowing the DISC styles of your employees can go a long way toward effective communication and productivity.  The DISC Management Keys is a chart showing the work preferences of each of the four DISC styles.  The key to positive team dynamics is identifying where the employee excels and is comfortable.  Understanding their style may also provide insight to help them further nurture their strengths and to develop in (or compensate for) their areas of natural weakness.

10 Ideas to Cultivate Employee Engagement

10 Ideas to Cultivate Employee Engagement

Employees will be engaged when they feel valued, not just for the role they fill, but for the person they are.  The more connected and transparent team members are to one another, the healthier team dynamics and culture become.   This document presents easy-to-implement strategies to create a more positive culture and encourage employee engagement.

Three Things Every Leader Must Do

Three Things Every Leader Must Do

Whether you lead a small team or a large organization, there are three things you must do.  Culture is healthier and employees are more engaged when they see a clear vision, have capable leadership, are respected, appreciated, supported, and provided with the resources they need to do their jobs.  This document expounds on three things: Inspire, LEAD, and Serve your team well!

Additional Resources for Purchase

Basic DISC Online Assessment

The Basic DISC online assessment takes only ten minutes to complete and results in a personalized 17-page profile revealing your DISC attributes.


3D DISC, Teams & Values Online Assessment

The DISC w/TEAMS and Values online assessment is an enhanced version of the Basic DISC and additionally includes your ranking in TEAMS.


Korn Ferry 360

The KF360 is an online evaluation by Korn Ferry that rates an individual on 38 Business Competencies and 10 Career Stallers and Stoppers.