Candy Body | Certified Behavioral Consultant and John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach

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Certified Behavioral Consultant Package


In a recent survey about what keeps people at the same job with a company, 40% said it was the people they work with. Good relationships, collaboration, a favorable work environment, and the ability to have constructive discussions were all key for employee satisfaction and reasons that such a high percentage stay with their current company.

By becoming a Certified Behavioral Consultant, you’ll be able to help people identify what their behavior style is, how they can recognize the styles of people they interact with, and most importantly, how they can adapt their style to the styles of others for effective communication.

This package bundles two of our most utilized online courses: Intro to Behavioral Analysis and Advanced Behavioral Analysis (approximately 10 hours each), and includes a one-on-one coaching session to ensure understanding and implementation.


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