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3D DISC, Teams & Values Online Assessment


The DISC w/TEAMS and Values online assessment is an enhanced version of the Basic DISC and additionally includes your ranking in

TEAMS (Theorist, Executor, Analyzer, Manager, and Strategist), as well as
Values (what motivates you, Loyalty Equality, Personal Freedom, and Justice).

This enhanced profile is 26-pages and provides a more in-depth view for how you transact business, work with staff, provide leadership, and develop relationships.
TEAMS Thinking Style: Theorist, Executor, Analyzer, Manager, or Strategist and
Values Style (Hidden Motivators): Loyalty, Equality, Personal Freedom, or Justice

The DISC w/TEAMS and Values take approximately 30 minutes to complete and results in a 26-page personalized profile.

As assessment links are customized, separate transactions are required for each assessment.

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