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DISC Assessments, Workshops, & Certification

The DISC Behavioral Analysis system helps enhance communication by identifying four key communication styles in people, and further expands on how individuals with each of those styles interact with each other.

It has also proven to be valuable for recruitment and leadership training and is applicable to settings beyond the workplace (i.e. home, church, community). Organization positions may be benchmarked according to DISC to determine the style that is best suited for the roles and responsibilities assigned.

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  • Direct, Decisive
  • Quick to Action
  • Results-Oriented



  • Impulsive
  • Outgoing
  • Inspiring & Fun



  • Compliant
  • Logical
  • Cautious



  • Steady
  • Supportive
  • Patient

DISC Communication Workshops

The ability to effectively communicate is paramount to building healthy teams. Each workshop attendee will be provided with either the Basic DISC or DISC w/TEAMS & Values assessment, revealing their unique communication style as:

1. How others perceive them,
2. How they perceive themselves, and
3. How they actually are under pressure.

This workshop goes beyond identification, to understanding how and why people are motivated differently and how this applies to the workplace for greater productivity.

Workshop Outcome: Attendees will learn their communication/behavior style and how to accentuate the positive and improve upon the challenging characteristics. They will also gain an understanding of their co-workers’ styles and how to best communicate within those parameters.

Length: Approx. 2hrs

Cost: $1,495, includes 10 online DISC assessments
(Additional assessments may be purchased if needed.)

Individual Assessments

DISC Basic Online Assessment
$30 per person
Includes 17-page Personal Profile

The Basic DISC online assessment takes only ten minutes to complete and results in a 17-page personal profile revealing your strengths, communication characteristics, leadership attributes, motivational factors, ideal environment, response to pressure, potential growth areas, and historical characters who share the same style.

DISC with TEAMS and Values Online Assessment
$75 per person
Includes 26-page Personal Profile

The DISC w/TEAMS and Values online assessment is an enhanced version of the Basic DISC and additionally includes TEAMS Thinking Style: Theorist, Executor, Analyzer, Manager, or Strategist and Values Style (Hidden Motivators): Loyalty, Equality, Personal Freedom, or Justice. The DISC w/TEAMS and Values take approximately 30 minutes to complete and results in a 26-page personalized profile.

DISC Certification

Become a Certified Behavioral Consultant

Interested in leaning all things DISC and earning certification?  You could utilize the resources by distributing assessments, analyzing the results, and providing insight for individuals and organizations.  You will facilitate bringing them to a greater understanding of effective communication and team dynamics.  The Introduction to Behavioral Analysis and Advanced Behavioral Analysis online courses will guide you through the ins and outs of DISC to a greater knowledge base.  These are online, self-paced courses that you can finish within your time frame.

With the Certified Behavioral Consultant achievement (CBC), you’ll be able to:

This program is offered in conjunction with PeopleKeys and includes two online courses (approximately 10 hours each), followed by a one-on-one coaching session to ensure that you fully understand the principles and applications.  Cost is $1495.

Looking for a more in-depth analysis?

Check out our Korn Ferry 360 Feedback, an excellent tool for identifying weak areas to focus development on, as well as preparing an employee for promotion, etc.

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